Below is a list of Sensory Boxes and their contents. Although the boxes contain mainly toys and seemingly harmless tools it must be noted that they are play tools and must be used with adult supervision at all times.

As many of the items are small, once "playtime" is over the contents must be repacked and put away, out of reach of children.

Please contact me, Jennifer Armstrong, should you wish to find out more.
Brief Guideline of contents
“Simple Super Scooper”
From scooping, to pouring, digging to mixing...
this is the most basic form of sensory exploration
in a box.
The box contains spoons, scoops, jugs, bowls, sieves and more
to facilitate the interaction and pouring and scooping with a whole
new sensation of touch. This box has much room for expansion
and addition, but is a good introduction to sensory integration
and exploration activities.
“Touchy Feely Fingers and
Spiky, smooth, hard and soft, firm and slimy,
jiggly and still.
Rice, Pipe cleaners, pompoms, sandpaper, bubble wrap, spoons
scoops, buckets, dinosaurs, army men, buckets blocks and
“Bitter, Sweet and Tasty
Salty, sweet, bitter and sour - A little bit of
Something for every taste bud...
Crackles and crunches, gooey and sprays - open
your mouth to a tantalizing tasty sensory
Sour spray, crunchy treats, squishy marshmallows - something
for every taste bud, with varying textures of course!
“Push me, Pull me”
Proprioception Pack
Squeezing, squishing, pulling, pushing, carrying,
jumping and hopping - big movements to awaken
your muscles and joints through encouraging
proprioceptive activities.
Pull along trolley, squish me stress ball, carry basket, balloons,
‘high-fiver’ swatters, buckets, runny goo, dustpan and brush,
chalk, hammer, squeeze bottle, cream, straw cup, play dough
and more!
“Sounds like Fun” Auditory
The hearing sense is often forgotten! This pack
allows you to explore more auditory sensations
with your child through play.
Squeakers, whistles, music and more... a whole bunch of sounds
for your ears to explore!
“i-Play” - Exploration for
Without even realising it, we are exposed to
plenty of visual stimulation during the day - but
often we forget to play using our visual sense.
This package provides you as a parent with a
whole new dimension of play! Night time, or in a
dark room - spinning windmills in the wind.
Torches, lasers, glow sticks and windmills - a visually exciting
object for almost any occasion!
"Sensational Bath times”
Even though most kids thoroughly enjoy bath
time as it is, why not make a change every now
and then, making it even more exciting and far
more fun! The best part is, that through their
senses, they will be learning while they play!
Putting “fun” back into the FUNdamental building
blocks of learning!
Scented Body wash Spray foam, scented soap, squishy balls,
sponges and a whole lot more!! Turning a normal bath time, into
a sensory integration experience!
“Little Green Fingers”
Enchanted garden
A whole new experience encouraging outdoor
exploration, either indoors or outdoors - allowing
exploration in tiny spaces! It facilitates creativity
and imagination. Getting stuck in to nature has
never been so much fun! The opportunities that
this box provides are endless!
Garden tools, flowers Textured animals, pebbles and stones, a
fairy, a soccer player, and cleaning tools too! This box lends itself
to hours of exploration with natures wonderful textures!
Spot On Tots Deluxe Box
soooooo many textures, sooooooo little time! But
with this box, time is not an object! The box is
yours - sensory play on tap!!! Who can explore
such a wide range of sensory information in one
go!? This box lends itself to hours and hours of
play, with enough sensory goodies to allow for
extensive variety over and over again!
Something for every sense! A wide range of objects, tools,
materials and textures - sensory integration activities have never
been so close to your little ones fingertips!
“Little Miss Twinkle Puff”
Cute little handbag filled with girlie goodies that are
not only fun to put in your hair, or on your lips,
but are carefully thought out to awaken the
senses while playing!
Multi textured hair bands, clips and scrunchies and alice bands;
Scented tutti-fruiti lip gloss; cute pink glasses; toy phone; hand
"Fidgety Fingers"
A tactile exploration tub that contains touchy feely
items of various textures. This encourages the
development of basic concepts such as cause
and effect, colour, size, and number concept and
more. Pull, pour, squeeze and more!
From pompoms and ribbons to curlers and straws, spiky things
and soft things to interest your paws. Pour them, pull them, blow
till you’re done… but whilst you're doing this, you're guaranteed to
have fun!
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